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WiFi Firmware Upgrade

Use the upgrade package below to upgrade BLACK BOX STOKERS to the current WiFi revision. This is the latest version of the WiFi Stoker Firmware. Follow the steps below.

Firmware Version WiFi Upgrade Release Package (With adhoc capability new twitter api support)

To upgrade the WiFi firmware follow these steps: 1)Plug an Ethernet cable into your router and the opposite end into the Stoker. 2)Power up Stoker. 3) Scroll to "System Info" and press "Sel". 4) Scroll to "IP Address" and press "Sel". An address similar to should appear on the screen. Write down this address. 5) Download the firmware from the link provided. 6)Open the file in the release package named "upgrade". 7) You should be prompted to extract the files. Extract the files. 8) Again select the file named "upgrade". 9) A Black Dos window should pop up and ask for the IP address. Enter the IP address written down earlier leaving out any leading zeros and press Enter. (For example should be entered as At this point the firmware upgrade process will have started. Do not power down the Stoker or disconnect the Ethernet cable during the upgrade process. When complete the black Dos window should say "Press any key to continue . . ." The upgrade is complete.

Notice! If you have a Black Box Stoker with a GREEN LCD display please send your in your Stoker only for a manual upgrade. Carefully package units the antenna is very fragile.

Send Green Screen Black Boxes To:
Rock's Barbque
8440 Central Ave Suite 2C
Newark, CA, 94560

Firmware Upgrades

The Stoker has shipped with 5 major versions of Firmware. Version .5 was shipped from May 2006 to February 2007. Version was shipped from February 2007 to August 2010. Version was shipped from August 2010 to September 2010.Version was shipped from October 2010 to January 2012. Firmware Version to enable built-in WiFi capabilities is now being shipped in all systems.

Rock's Bar-B-Que offers free firmware upgrades to Stoker owners. There are 2 ways to do it. You can send your Stoker back to Rock's Bar -B-Que with $12 to cover return shipping. Your Stoker will be upgraded and sent back within 1 week of receipt.

You can also upgrade the Stoker yourself using the upgrade files below. There is a small chance that the upgrade procedure will fail. Try not to do this right before an important cook. If you are unsuccessful upgrading the Stoker, send it back to Rock's Bar-B-Que to have the firmware re-installed. The zip files below contain the firmware, installation instructions and release notes. This may be a bit advanced for novice computer users. Take a look at the readme.txt file to see if it looks like something you would be comfortable doing.

If you have a Stoker with version .5 firmware you will need to upgrade in a two step process. First you use this package.

Firmware Version 2.x.x Upgrade Release Package

Then use the upgrade package below to upgrade to the current revision. If your Stoker already has version 2.x.x firmware you do not need to do the step above. This is the latest version of the Stoker Firmware. This software package includes twitter updates and web server security additions. For information on accessing Twitter, please read Accessing Twitter

Firmware Version Upgrade Release Package

You can set the Stoker security so changes can not be made over the internet.
Rock's Barbque 8440 Central Ave. Newark Ca 94560
On the Stoker in the System Info menu scroll down and select version to get the current software version of your Stoker.