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Our Luminaries are experts in their fields. They put the Stoker through its paces in harsh environments from the heat of Arizona to the cold of the North Pole. The feedback provided by our luminaries fuels development at Rock's Barbque enabling us to provide the most advanced temperature control system on the market.


Rhythm 'n QUE

Vince Carrocci and Alexa Fairbairn

Phoenix Arizona

At every contest, from local to the Jack, Rhythm 'n QUE relies on the Stoker. This powerful and simple to use product helps us maintain consistent temperature on our WSMs, which is essential for producing championship barbeque. Whether cooking at below sea level or at 8100 feet, from 28 to 117 degrees ambient temperature, the Stoker has delivered rock solid performance.

Vince Carrocci Pit Master


Pigskin BBQ

Rockwell Iowa

Pigskin BBQ uses the Stoker because of its amazing ability to keep both of our smokers at the temps we want no matter the weather conditions. We spend too much time and money on BBQ to leave temperature control to anything other than the Stoker. I can1place the probes anywhere I want and know that they read 100% accurate. Best of all I can run it all from the comfort of my camper bed with the applications for my ipad and iphone. No more waking up every 30 minutes to check the temp. To use anything else... is just average!

Scott Nelson


Scott and Katy and Sous Chefs; Gavin, Ben, Chloe, Valerie, and Lucas.


Iron Pig BBQ

3 Dogs

Award Guy Chris Finney

Salisbury North Carolina

Iron Pig BBQ relies on the Stoker from Rock's Bar-B-Que for consistent temperatures in our two Superior Smokers at all BBQ competitions. Temperature control (and consistency) is the key to leaving a BBQ competition with money in your pocket, and the Stoker gives you that control and consistency.

Chris Finney Pit Master


3 Dogs BBQ

North Pole, Alaska

In Alaska we have temperature challenges that most people will never experience. The Stoker provides us with consistent temperature control for our Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers regardless of outdoor temps. We have used The Stoker to produce great barbecue in outdoor temps ranging from 90 above to nearly 40 below zero!

Dan Gilson Head Cook

3 Dogs

John Brojakowski, Dan Gilson, Andy McDonough


Great American BBQ


Don Bean Nikki and Sean Stewart Dr BBQ Harry Stewart

Alameda, California

No matter at work or play The Stoker gives us top notch results in the daily grind at our Alameda,Ca restaurant and in top level competitions in our region.We can monitor large batch catering loads with ease and also keep an eye on our special efforts in contests. Consistency is the hallmark of success. Stoker provides that consistency.

Harry Stewart


Wild Blue

Kansas City Missouri

I have developed a time and temp method for smoking. The Stoker allows me to accomplish the same results consistently. The ability to match the Stoker up to almost any type of smoker, and then monitor and manage multiple units from a centralized location is a great feature. I have a wireless access point that is mounted inside of my FEC-100, and I am able to control and monitor my smoker up to 200 feet away.

Scott Stanley Pit Master

Scott Stanley


Worth Smoking BBQ

Tyler and Becky McElvain

Grant City, Missouri

The Stoker is on our cookers whether we are competing or in the backyard. It maintains our pit temperature and multiple internal meat temperatures precisely, allowing our team to concentrate on other important aspects of our cook. The Stoker delivers consistency with every cook!

Tyler McElvain Pit Master


Team Cedar Grilling

Ballinafad Ontario Canada

2006-2009 Reining Canadian Grand Champions

The team spends countless hours honing all the necessary barbecuing techniques, documenting both traditional and innovative methods, and perfecting the recipes that they hope will leave the judges salivating

Steve Adams Pit Master

Team Cedar Grilling